Course Overview

Everything around us is a structure – be it a fan blade, a mobile phone, a chair or even a bridge. But the structural integrity of these, such that they do not harm the user is paramount. Our Advanced Structural Analysis course delves deep into Finite Element Analysis (FEA), how to perform simulations and read the results. You will gain powerful tool skills on ANSYS Workbench – industry-leading software for performing structural, thermal and vibrational analysis. You will get step-by-step knowledge on how to perform simulations using ANSYS WB Mechanical APDL solver.
At the end of this course, you will be able to set up a load case for any component/model, simulate them and obtain its deformation, fatigue life, the factor of safety and places of stress intensity. This course opens the gate to the world of FEA simulations and introduction to solving, time step for analysis.

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