Game Art & Design

Course Overview

Game Art & Design courses comprehends the courses which includes industry related software that helps in the process of modelling, texturing and lighting, rigging and animation, effects for games, and how to infuse sounds into the game.

gamers look not just for a good story and entertaining gameplay, but also stunning game art. With 3DCADD Centre career course 3D Digital Game Art &Design, you will understand game mechanics, role of game characters and the process & practices of game level designing. 3D game design is now fun! With this course, you will learn to produce concept designs for game characters & environments, model & digitally sculpt 3D game characters, create game asset textures, learn the process of rigging & animation of game assets and characters, and do character setup in Unreal Game Engine.

Game art & Design programs require basic instruction in areas such as computer programming skills, creative writing, storytelling, artistic techniques and visuals.



Course Objective:

This course primarily offers intense practice and sound knowledge in the art of crafting game aesthetics and skill of designing games in 2D, 3D, and more. of.


Course Curriculum:

We train and upgrade their knowledge which is required to enhance their productivity in Game art as : 3d animation,3d Modelling, 3d printing,2D Drafting etc.



Job Titles :

Jobs being offered to students after this course :


  • Background and environment creator
  • Character developer
  • Game tester
  • 2D artist
  • 3D modeler
  • Multimedia developer

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