Course Overview

V-Ray Courses in Jaipur

get professional training in 3d studio max v-ray ,mental ray
improve your rendering quality
learn to create photo-realistic architectural interiors and exteriors in VRay and mental ray

special discount on v-ray mental ray combine course

provides state of the art rendering solutions for architectural, VFX, film, media and entertainment, automotive design, television and other industries

V-ray Courses Description

  • V-ray Render Settings
  • V-ray Light, Mesh, Sphere, Dome
  • V-ray Sun
  • Less Light
  • V-ray HDR i-Lighting
  • Vray Materials ( Architectural Materials Steel, Glass, Plastic, Water,Glossy Reflective Materials )
  • Vray 2 Sided Material
  • Vray Blend Material
  • Vray Car Paint
  • Vray Fast sss 2
  • Vray Light Material
  • Vray Material Wrapper
  • Vray Material Override
  • Vray Ambient Occlusion
  • V ray Effects
  • V ray Caustic
  • V ray Motion Blur
  • Vray D.o.f (depth of field, bokeh effect)
  • Vray Fur
  • Vray Dirt
  • Vray edge text
  • Vray camera
  • Interior Rendering
  • Exterior Rendering
  • Vray Render Elements
  • Free Material

everyone who attends gets a free 3d model library, material library, v-ray mental ray readymade scenes.

Your Vray-RT enabled app just got faster. The rendering engine of choice for design, broadcast, and visual effects, VRay has set the standard for speed, quality, and ease of use. V-Ray RT takes full advantage of the parallel processing capabilities of NVIDIA VCA for unparalleled quality in pre-visualisation and final frame rendering. VRay RT GPU rendering is included with VRay for 3ds Max, VRay for Maya, VRay for Rhino, and VRay for SketchUp.

How VCA for V-RAY works

V-Ray uses distributed rendering to support one or many Quadro VCAs. Each is a render server that receives render data from the V-Ray Plugin installed in 3ds Max or Maya. The plugin (render client) is responsible for dividing the render job among all

the VCAs (render servers) on the network and collecting the results. To maintain interactivity, a fast network is required between the application workstation and the VCA. Network requirements increase as you add additional VCAs.

3ds Max is a digital content production applications started its journey back in 1990, it has a number of benefits, like producing 3d printable components in computer which could replace a part of human organ or sophisticate engineered apparatus. These software record the real-world camera movement and shops the animation in the file. This file is additional taken to 3d applications such as 3ds max or maya or any other similar applications. This file will make the camera from 3d applications which will have same animation such as the real-world camera. 3ds max is a diversified 3d software by Autodesk. Its useful for creating 3d models, both organic and inorganic, 3d rendering and animation. There are many advantages of this software. They are, it is user friendly in simulating and complex animation, there are enormous tools available for modelling, having strong resources for animation like F-curves, and they are having a lot of tutorials available for learners. Some disadvantages incorporate no support for layered animations on non personality objects, no good hair and fur assistance, plugins cost as much as nearly half the subscription price of the bundle . Owing to the dead true interface, its utilized chiefly for automobile and design modelling. Combined with unique plugins such as Vray.

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