Course Overview

In this course you will learn about our earth, mapping its details (physical features), Latitude, Longitude, How to digitize or vectorize a map on Computer with the help of software. What is GIS? How to create GIS for any application. What is GPS? Its use with respect to GIS.
The course covers Various features and facilities of standard GIS package useful/helpful in creation of maps on computer – CAD features, Live working demonstration on a GIS, how to use GPS for collecting data  from field.

The course will cover the following material each week:
Week 1: Conventional Maps, Mapping the  Earth (traditional methods), Overview on GIS, etc.
Week 2:  Live working demonstration, use of GPS,  Startup on software with drawing, polylines, point, polygon, etc.
Week 3: Theory and Practical session on GIS Software- uses of Toolbars, working with raster images and on screen vectorization,
Week 4: Database preparation,  Querying map, Creating Thematic Maps, etc.

Preferred Background:
Students who have include/completed 12th .
Some familiarity with Basic geography (about Earth, Map, Latitude, Longitude, etc.) and

Familiar with computers, operating MS Office, & Internet, etc

4 weeks (2 hours per day)  (3pm – 5 pm)

Its usefulness:
GPS and GIS are being used as tools by government, public and private sector organizations seeking innovative ways to solve their problems.
Departments or development or service sector Agencies like Irrigation, Panchayat & Rural Development, Local bodies, NGOs, consultants can use GPS for surveying infrastructure like buildings, electric polls, transformers, canals, crop fields, waste lands, forest area etc.

Course Benefits:
Participants on fulfillment of the course will be in a position to associate themselves in the field of cartography and survey, This would in fact enable them to seek employment opportunities as cartographer, surveyors, etc.

On completion of the course a certificate will be provided.

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