Graphic design in CorelDRAW

Course Overview

Graphic desgin in CorelDRAW

Learn how to bring your graphic design in-house with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. In the information age, small businesses have all kinds of graphic design needs. A compelling logo, a professional business card, and basic marketing materials require graphic design tools and expertise. CorelDRAW is an easy-to-use and affordable solution that will save you the considerable costs of hiring a graphic designer. This series of tutorials shows you how to do common graphic design projects yourself. Each tutorial walks you through a project, showing you the tools you will need to use, and getting you well on your way to unleashing your creative potential!

Designing a restaurant menu always poses its challenges. During the design process, designers need to consider many things like branding, content organization, reproducibility and cost-effectiveness.

Due to low print run, restaurant menus can be quite costly to produce; graphic designers typically find it’s their responsibility to be cost conscious and ensure their client is aware of budget restraints. Furthermore, the cost of post-printing processes like creasing, lamination, die cuts, job fabrication etc. also needs to be considered.

Job brief in 3DCADD CENTRE

For this menu design, we were required to create a multi-page menu that organized a wide variety of cuisines available at a 150-seat restaurant. We wanted to design a menu that was easy to navigate, so we created a menu design that differentiates each type of cuisine on a separate tab so that customers can find on their preferred cuisine in a glance.

Page Setup and Layout

Note: This job is different than normal jobs created in CorelDRAW. The terminology used to define the pages in design is:

1) Job Page(s): Actual page(s) in a finished job after printing.

2) File Page(s): Pages created and used in CorelDRAW file to create a design.

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