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MX Road Software Course:

MXROAD is an advanced, string-based modeling tool that enables the rapid and accurate design of all road types. With MXROAD you can quickly create design alternatives to achieve the “ideal” road system. MXROAD uses 3D string modeling technology-powerful, and concise method of creating any 3D surface MX Road is an excellent string-based modeling tool that can design all types of roads quickly and accurately. Civil engineers, designers, surveyors, system designers, and more can access 3D modeling, construction-driven engineering, and other analysis in an engineering application. MX Road helps improve design quality by combining traditional engineering workflow profiles and cross-sections with 3D modeling techniques.,This MX Road course is designed to help you move beyond the software’s various features, such as interoperable databases, which means the creation and annotation of 3D project models. It will also help you learn about the creation of digital terrain models and integration with Google Earth.

MX Road software course

  • OpenRoads Designer introduces a new integrated modeling environment that provides building-driven engineering to help accelerate project delivery for road networks, unifying design and construction processes, from concept to completion. The app provides complete detailed design features for measurement, drainage, underground facilities and road design.
  • Quickly compile context data from a variety of sources, such as point clouds, 3D realistic meshes,
  • terrain data, images and geospatial information, to bring real-world settings to your projects.
  • MXROAD helps you improve design quality by combining traditional engineering workflows for planning, profiles and cross sections with innovative 3D modeling techniques based on parametric relationships and constraints.

Career Opportunities & Placement

Civil 3D provides a familiar design environment and many AutoCAD-compatible shortcuts; with true DWG (drawing) file support, Civil 3D allows you to store and share design data with existing AutoCAD users.

Civil 3D offers many other useful tools and features to enhance your projects such as stress networks, corridor modeling, earthmoving, grading, pipelines, production mapping, geospatial analysis, point clouds and more.

A small county’s Department of Transportation can use Civil 3D to create a detailed digital model detailing how they plan to reduce road congestion and accidents by expanding roads and increasing traffic signals.


  • Scholarships are available based on merit basis.
  • Scholarships are available only for 1st year of the course.
  • Scholarships will be released only after full payment of course fee.
  • Scholarships are applicable only on course fee and not on caution money.
  • Due to any reason, student leave the course without its completion, he/she has to pay scholarship amount with 12% per annum interest.

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