Quantity Take

Course Overview


Quantity Take Course is developed primarily to help civil engineering students. In India there are very few institutes giving training on quantity surveying. 3D CADD CENTRE has developed this course as One year program on quantity surveying coupled with training in Autocad, E-Surveying. Along with training on Contract & Arbitration delivered by renowned faculties with 27 years of experience.

Specializes in large infrastructure projects e.g. Hydro-electric, highways, tunneling underground works, EPC projects, crude oil projects, EM, HM Projects.
Expertise in identification and preparation of new claims, Variation and Extra items, EOT and prolongation costs, preparation SOC for arbitration.

Billing & Quantity Surveying

This Course is developed

Course Content-Billing Engineering

1.Understanding the role of billing in construction Industry.

2.Accounts Basic requirement of billing engineer

3.Construction billing procedure from client side as well as contractor side

4.RA Bill making –client side –subcontracting

5.Interim Payment certification from both side

6.Billing with GST and without GST

7.CPWD and corporation and PSU technique of billing

8.Invoice generation through ERP

9.Claim and Dispute settlement procedures and all required techniques

10.Material engineering bills for both client and contractor side.

11.Third Party Contractor billing

12.Joint Venture

13.Petty/ Vendor Billing.

14.Preliminary Billing

15.Interalia Billing

16.Claim Management Procedures

17.Claim of price variations

18.Mode of measurement

19.Claim of extra item analysis.

20.Bill reconciliations


Course Content-Quantity Engineering

A. Construction methodologies of civil works and how it Works in construction industry.

B. Making project chartered and feasible reports.

C. Project Risk Analysis and Action reports.

D. Understanding the structural and Architectural Drawings.

E. Quantity take off from the drawings like PCC, RCC, Reinforcement, shuttering.

F. Quantity take off from architectural drawings (like brickwork, plaster, painting , putty work)

G. Analysis of all kinds of civil drawing .

H. Management information system

I. Pre-Engineered building estimation

J. Costing technique.

K. Labor deployment planning

L. Labor output analysis.

M. Machinery output

N. Bar bending schedule

O. Rate Analysis

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