REACH Fashion Studio

Course Overview

REACH Fashion Studio is the multipurpose software for design, sales, sampling and printing departments. Packed with features REACH Fashion Studio enables 3D product visualization, texture mapping, color reduction and cleaning, design and repeat, colorways, color communication using REACH and Spec. Creation.

3D Product Visualization : Create designs in an entirely digital environment, thereby shortening the design cycle. This feature enables photo-realistic 3D rendering of designs, colors, surfaces, textures and patterns.

Texture Mapping : Preliminary ideas can be directly scanned on to the software and then manipulated all within the application. Utilizing simple and intuitive tools, Texture Mapping offers the opportunity to preview designs, on a model or in real life. More so, the materials and fabrics used in the design will act exactly as they would if they were real.

Color Reduction : Starting with either a scanned picture, fabric, or an imported picture file format, you can precisely reduce millions of pixels down to just the color you specify. REACH Fashion Studio features an advanced color separation function which helps the designer quickly judge the color separation.

Design & Repeat : This textile and surface designing tool can create all types of repeats. This includes converting design into horizontal or vertical repeats and many more. Any changes take place immediately over multiple repeats.

Fabric Design : Fabric design creativity can be quickly translated into reality. It allows the designer to scan, import or create any kind of fabric from dobby, knit or leather fabrics in the software itself with real texture effects.

Spec. Creation : With Spec. Creation the user is able to ensure product information integrity. Specifications can be detailed in order to achieve the best possible manufacturing sample early on. Blocks of technical drawings can be stored and later re-combined to make new designs.

Color Communication : With a single click it is possible to find the nearest REACH shade of any color scanned, or imported. Colors can be personalized using RGB, CMYK and Hue , Lighting and Saturation by mixing or entering the values.

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