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Course Overview


The Advanced Certification course in Website designing is a 100% practical web design training that encompasses all the essentials of web responsive design based on the latest international demands and trends. This course is one of the numerous practical web design courses offered by TGC, a leading web designing institute TGC has the vision of equipping students to design websites for corporate, B2B, B2C, E-commerce, etc.



Certification course in Website designing is a practical course covering Advanced UI design and UX development intended to train the students through live projects, the intricacies of web designing to promote content Management, Excellent User Experience, and efficient site architecture for search engines. This course would also include Domain, hosting, and payment gateway integration for students interested in becoming online business owners. With this course, the student would be able to develop their skillset in designing internationally standard and state of art websites and also benefit from the course incorporation of web marketing, advertising as well as optimizing websites for search engines. Being a leader Web Designing Institute, TGC India becomes the first choice of all the web design aspirants.



  • Website User Interface (UI) design
  • Core Web Design and designing responsive websites
  • Web Design Project + Digital marketing (Overview)
  • Web Domain and Hosting maintenance

For a complete breakdown of the modules in this Course,
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At the end of this course, Projects would be conducted and each student would be expected to build a web design portfolio for the purpose of placements. Web projects would include

  • Design of a single page  product website
  • Design of a simple e-commerce website
  • Designing multiple no. responsive websites



Module1. Designing User Interface of a Web page

  • Tools and Techniques
  • Panels and workspace
  • Layers- Layer styles, Layer effects & Adjustment layers
  • Creating user interfaces of websites
  • Advanced Image Color Correction techniques
  • Typography and Type Effects
  • Digital and Matt Paintings
  • Creating Layout for Websites and Landing pages
  • Saving and Optimising image Files for Web
  • Creating 3D effects
  • Color Management, File Formats, and Workflow

Module 2. Core Web Functionality

  • HTML5/CSS3 with various code-editors like Adobe Dreamweaver etc.
  • Introduction to various HTML elements and attributes
  • Application of HTML Lists and Tables
  • HTML Graphics- Canvas and SVG
  • CSS Concepts- Grid, Flexbox, Animations, Selectors, Position, Pseudo-class etc.
  • Bootstrap functionality and integration to the webpage
  • JavaScript concepts and creative applications in web development
  • Form validations using HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Introduction to JQuery and its various applications
  • AJAX Architecture- Asynchronously sending request and the response
  • Creating and Testing Responsive design for devices of different sizes
  • Web Hosting and Domain- Setup and maintenance
  • Web 3.0 standards
  • Testing and Maintaining a website
  • FTP controls

Module 3. Angular

  • Installation and setup of Angular environment
  • Introduction to Angular CLI
  • Difference between Single Page Applications and conventional ones
  • A brief introduction to TypeScript and its usage in Angular
  • Integrating Bootstrap in Angular applications
  • Creating Components in Angular projects and working
  • Creating and using custom Directives
  • Types of Binding in Angular (One-way, Two-way etc.)
  • Introduction to Services and Dependency Injection
  • Consuming Server-side data (JSON) using HTTP requests
  • Routing Concepts, Configuration
  • Forms- Template-driven and Reactive

Module 4. WordPress

  • Installation and setup of WordPress on Web servers and local server
  • Theme installation and intro. to various settings
  • Introduction to the functionality of the Dashboard
  • Plugin Installation and applications
  • Creating/Editing articles and pages
  • Introduction to File Architecture and basic editing to stylesheets



  • Creating a number of Web templates with an international look and feel.
  • Completely done website designs and hosting them on the TGC web server.
  • JavaScript templates.
  • Tableless responsive website templates.
  • Websites with a complete Content Management System.
  • Portfolio showcase.
  • Mock Interviews and on the spot web design competitions.
  • Placement.



Normal Track
Course Duration: 6 months
Schedule: 2 Hours/ 4 Days a week

Fast Track
Course Duration:
3 months
Schedule: 4 Hours/ 4 Days a week



  • Adobe Photoshop
  • HTML4/ HTML5
  • CSS2/CSS3
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • JQuery and JSON
  • FTP applications
  • Angular
  • WordPress



  • Create  core Responsive fully-functional Websites
  • Use web navigation on web 3.0 standards
  • Integrate variable scripts in a web page and create table-less websites
  • Upload and Launch Websites

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